About us
Built in 1996, our factory, Huaya Plastic Co. (Ju Pipeline) is a large joint venture located in Shandong Province, with a total investment of US$60 million, covers an area of 245 acres.
The annual output of our plastic pipes is 100 thousand tons, and 30 thousand tons of plastic fittings.
Based on almost 30 years' excellent production technology, we specialize in producing and exporting kinds of plastic pipes and fittings, such as, UPVC pipe, HDPE pipe, PPR pipe, MPP pipe, PE-RT pipe, etc.


Corrosion Resistance: HDPE pipes are corrosion free
Flexibility : Allows good conformity to most terrain contour
Long Length and availability in coil: Enable jointless laying of longer pipe line
Resistance to abrasion: Ability to handle many types of slurries and other abrasive elements
Superior Flow: Smooth interior surface ensures good flow of water and prevent crust formation on the pipe
Dampen / Eliminate Water Hammer : Can withstand higher transient pressure than conventional pipes because of greater elasticity
Tough and Durable: Has higher impact strength
Lower Overall Cost: Significant cost saving in terms of transportation, cheaper installation and maintenance.
Light Weight: 6-10 times lighter than conventional pipes
Fully Welded Leak Free joints

Water Supply
Sub-duct for electrical and telecommunication cabling.
Gas Supply
PVC Pipe is light to carry and easy to install.
PVC Pipe is resistant to external pressure.
PVC Pipe's surface is glossy and smooth.
PVC Pipe is not flammable.
PVC Pipe has high impact resistance.
PVC pipe is long-lasting resistant to rot, corrosion, acids, and chemicals..
PVC Pipe can not create environment that will allow the reproduction of micro-organisms, so it does not change the taste of water.
PVC Pipe is the most environmentally friendly.

PVC Pipe is used in the drinking water network of city and settlement infrastructure.
PVC Pipe is used in agricultural irrigation networks.
PVC Pipe used in waste water networks (PVC Sewerage Pipes).
PVC Pipe is used in industrial premises.
PVC Pipe is safely used in the fire mains.
PVC Pipe is used in swimming pool.
PVC Pipe is used in cable protection systems for insulation and safety.
The non-excavation modified polypropylene (MPP) protective pipe for power cables is a new type of plastic pipe made of modified polypropylene with special formula and processing technology.
It has a series of advantages such as high strength, good stability resistance, easy cable insertion, simple construction, and cost saving.
It meets the development requirements of modern cities and is suitable for buried depths in the range of 2-18M.
The modified MPP power cable sheathing pipe is constructed using trenchless technology, which not only ensures the reliability of the pipe network, reduces the failure rate of the pipe network, but also greatly improves the city environment.

MPP pipe can be widely used in:
Municipal Engineering.
Telecommunications. Engineering.
Power Engineering.
Gas works.
Heat and other pipeline engineering.
Why Choose Us

We at Huaya Plastic (Ju pipeline) pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Every effort is made to ensure that our products are created to the best possible standards. We have accreditation from the International Standards Organisation (ISO) for the 9001:2008 quality standard and many of our products have been independently lab tested which have been deemed fit for use in the transportation of water for human consumption.
In addition to our focus on quality we place significant attention on protecting two of our most important assets: our people and the environment, we have achieved accreditation for EN standard.

Feel free to contact us with your requirements.

January 01,2022
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January 01,2022
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January 01,2022
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